FullSizeRender-2Mother that buried her first child.
Mother of a 1 lb 13 ounce preemie that spent 77 days in the NICU.
Mother of twin boys through gestational surrogacy
Mother of a child with a major birth defect requiring 7 surgeries.
Mother of a 5 year old boy diagnosed with lymphoma (cancer).
Mother of a medical needs child born in another country.
Mother of 5 children on earth.

 This is the story of my motherhood. None of these chapters are ones I would have imagined for myself as a little girl but these experiences are the pillars of my personal life that have given way to who I am professionally:

Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur
Fearless CMO
Determined Business Owner
Positive Story Teller
Bold Truth Sayer
Passionate Cheerleader for Mothers

We are not what life hands us. We are not what has happened to us but who we choose to to become because of it.

I have walked hard, dark roads, but I do not carry those shadows. Instead, I have found a way to use the struggle, the victory that comes with hardship,  but most of all , lessons from motherhood, to build and fuel my professional success.

Our life experiences may be different but if you are a working mother, you have within you everything I do. You have learned so many of the same lessons, skill sets and have wisdom gained as a mother you have perhaps not yet realized can be used to fuel great professional success.

Many will tell you can be successful in your career despite being a mother, I firmly believe you can be more successful because you are a mother.

I am not successful business owner in spite of being a mother of 5; I am successful in my career because I am a mother of 5. The ways in which I have changed because I have children,has fueled my entrepreneurship and professional success.

I have learned how to consciously recognize the life lessons gained from motherhood and channel that conscious perspective into building businesses and my career. I spend my days writing, speaking and encouraging women to see their inner magic and channel it into building their careers.

I share my life story with women to help them see the wisdom and tools learned through motherhood can be their greatest secret weapon for their professional success.