Professional Bio

Jennifer Calise is the co-founder and CMO of fishbat, a full service digital marketing media firm based in NYC. Her professional experience spans 5 man start ups to running global departments for Fortune100 companies. Through telling her own story she helps women to identify the unique life lessons acquired through motherhood can be the foundation for professional success, not an obstacle to it.


Expanded Bio

After a series of serious medical challenges with her children, Jennifer realized that working mothers should recognize that their businesses and careers can be more successful because they are a mother, not in spite of it. By sharing the common experiences found in motherhood, Jennifer has created an education series that empowers women to be more successful because they are mothers, not in spite of it.

A founding partner of fishbat media, a NYC based digital marketing firm, Jennifer has held conference calls during chemo and found ways to channel the skills and survival required in motherhood into business.  Her 18+ years in marketing spans running 5 man start up companies to running global departments for Fortune100 companies. A a mother of 5 children and present day entrepreneur in the city that never sleeps (because frankly neither does she!) – Jennifer writes, blogs and speaks to share to her story to motivate women to believe in themselves in a whole new way.

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Recent Talks 

Empathy vs Sympathy in Pediatric Patient Care – October, 14, 2016

Branding for Financial Success (WMA) – 2016

Where Life Begins & Neonatal Care ..A Patient Perspective – St. Peter’s Hospital 2014

HIA – Small Business Award (Rookie of the Year) – 2012